1) Confidence, confidence, confidence… The main motto of our company is just simple: we want to help our clients to find the right housemaid reliable and dedicated that could take care of your children, your home or the people you love the most. That is the reason why we are quite strict and rigorous recruiting our candidates. All of them provide a minimum of 3 years of checkable experience and 2 references of previous jobs and employers, which we check personally. In addition we do not accept candidates who do not have regularised papers in Spain.

2) Save time, money and annoyances… Avoid endless interviews, questions and phone calls. Just call us once explaining what you need and what you are looking for and we take care of the rest.

3) Personality test made a psychologist… All our selected candidates have been interviewed by our psychologist, to ensure that they have a suitable emotional balance, and as well our psychologist will issue a report, highlighting the qualities and relevant skills of that employee (as creativity, musical, pedagogical, special kindness, patient, etc. ), and will be provided to the family along with the rest of the documentation of the employee.

4) Free Guarantee during 3 months… If during this period, the employee did not fit the profile that the client needs, we arrange free home seek another employee that meets your needs .

5) The most important one… We want to ease your life… We can take care of all the papers and bureaucracy connected with the hiring of your employee. Our specialist labor office (Gestoría) are the best for that, so you do not have to think about that.