Baby nurse or newborn care specialists – the perfect gift for a new mother-to-be

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Are you going to be new parents?  Do you have a good friend that is going to be a new mammy and want to do something really good for her?

The best option is to have a NIGHT NANNY 

What Is a Night Nanny?

A night nanny, or newborn specialist comes into the home later in the evening and helps and takes care of the baby throughout the night. She may be hired for several weeks, or longer, just following birth.

The fees and rates vary based upon experience and certification, but all of them are professionals to care for the newborn and have extensive experience with small babies, and they expertly manage sleep training, scheduling, diaper rash, soothing and night time feedings. Some families also require additional support to handle colicky babies, reflux, circumcision care or other issues, so the help and peace they bring to a home with a newborn is speechless.

A night nanny may be a luxury for some families, but a necessity for others, particularly those who have no close relatives nearby, or who have demanding, stressful jobs

If you want to hear more about a night nanny, just get in contact with us, and call us if you want to get a rate!

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