We can offer a range of childcare solutions, reliable and trustworthy, as live-in or live-out nannies, babysitters, baby nurses, all of them with solid experience and checked references, taking into consideration your personal requirements and your family needs.

–   Babies – Maternity/Baby Nurses: We can supply specialized staff, as maternity or Baby Nurses, helping with your baby, and at the same time, being as well a great help to the parents in the early months or years, helping them to feel relaxed and confident.

–   Children – Babysitters/Nannies: We offer a range of qualified and experienced nannies and babysitters, to take care of them while you are working, playing with them stimulating their creativity, helping them at home with home works, making food, or just occasionally, when you have a dinners, guests or just a nice plan out, etc.


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